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How's the weather?!

Check out the camera and the live update on weather at the Palmer Station and compare to the cruise track below.

We are (relatively) not far from this live camera !

Temperature: Cold

Weather: Not your average day

Science Q and A

Submit a question to the email address above and our maskot, Bill the krill, will have an answer!

Why are we abducting his family to an alien vessel / ship?

See what we are learning from studying his friends and the cold waters that they live in!

Who's who

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Track and Temperature

Plot the course of our research expedition and find updates on air and water temperature every two hours!

It may not be swimming weather today...

Antarctic Project: STRES

Who? What? Why? and How are we doing this?

Learn what our UMB crew and fellow scientists are working on and the questions we are answering. You will also find the pathway to Antarctic exploration history here.

Euphausia Superba

Learn more about the Antarctic krill that whales and other predators come to feast on from around the globe.

Hopefully our scientists will have new discoveries to publish in scientific papers and update Wikipedia upon our return!

Chilling Facts

Did you know that Antarctica is the coldest, driest, and windiest place on earth? Find out other interesting facts here!